Every business needs an infrastructure. We tailor the infrastructure required to fit our clients’ needs, whether it be a full factory or a small front line marketing office. Our experience includes setting up and encompasses:

  • Handling the “physical” real estate aspects of your business, such as finding and analyzing various locations and negotiating deal with landlords and management companies.
  • Preparing the place, as required, selecting contractors including architect and specialist consultants for electricity, ACVC, plumbing, communication, fire safety, security, epoxy, environmental and accessibility.
  • Obtaining building permits, business license and other regulatory approvals.
  • Selecting the construction company in a tender process and supervising the build out.
  • Monitoring on your behalf all consultants, construction and time tables to ensure a smooth and timely completion.
  • Managing the legal aspects, such as company registration, branch organization, legal setup, auditors, accounting, bookkeeping, bank account and local signatory powers, rent agreement and leasing agreement, as needed.
  • Acting as Owner’s Representative, as needed.

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