Work Permits & Visas

A foreign citizen must have the appropriate work permit and stay visa in order to live and work in Israel. These are granted by the Population Authority under the Ministry of Interior, for up to 63 months. The law specifies the conditions for approving work permits, defines the categories where permits are granted, and requires a business justification.  The employer can be foreign or local.

The process for obtaining the required permits is structured and must be done correctly to avoid unnecessary delays. The process is initiated in Israel. The company must submit an application for a work permit to employ a certain individual in a certain capacity in Israel. Following approval, the individual is granted the appropriate status and may approach the relevant Israeli consulate in his/her country of residence. The final steps take place in Israel. Typically permits are granted for one to two years, and require renewal, up to 63 months.

  • Our services cover the entire process including renewals and all the legwork and paperwork required.
  • Our work is completed when the expatriate receives his/her passport with the appropriate visa, allowing him/her to live and work in Israel.
  • We arrange all visas for the expatriate’s family.
  • We arrange all documentation required for the entire process and closely guide you and your employee through each and every step until the process is completed.
  • We arrange all renewals to the maximum period allowed under law.

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