Relocation & Expatriates

Relocating one’s entire life from one country to another, from one culture to another, where the main spoken language is not one’s mother tongue is not easy. The employee must rearrange his/her entire life in a new country, in a different environment, language and culture. At the same time, the employee is expected to settle into his/her role and reach his/her business targets.

For example, the choice of neighborhood and residence (apartment/villa) are choices affecting quality of life. What one reads online and experiences during visits as a tourist is often different than actually living in a different country and culture.

This is even more challenging when the expatriate is joined by his/her family. When the expatriate and family members are comfortable, it is easier to focus on work.

Drawing on our long-term experience, we support every step and bridge cultural differences to make relocation in Israel as comfortable and smooth as possible by:

  • Finding an apartment, negotiating the rent agreement and making all related arrangements.
  • Arranging all the required infrastructure for daily life in Israel as needed and addressing any initial inconveniences.
  • Addressing all required personal aspects (bank, car, phone, furniture, education, school, medical insurance and many more).
  • Supporting entire relocation process to make the expatriate and family feel comfortable.
  • Addressing legal aspects of relocation, as needed.

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