About Us

  • For more than 20 years, we have been supporting our multi-national clients to reach their business targets in Israel. We work with our clients’ headquarters and local offices in the US, Japan, Europe and the UK.
  • We have long-term experience and broad expertise in supporting large Japanese companies doing business in Israel in multiple market segments and industries.
  • We quickly learn and adopt your company’s corporate culture, policies and core values and incorporate them into our work for you.
  • We offer a broad range of services, customized to the needs of our clients.
  • From very early steps in Israel continuing into normal operations, we can support your company’s business, infrastructure, relocation, legal and HR needs.
  • We support the relocation process of the expatriate and his/her family in Israel to allow for smooth and pleasant transition to Israel. We accompany the expatriate for as long as needed.

Clients and Business Partners:

Mitch Nozaki, General Manager, Business Innovation & Incubation Murata Europe
Former General Manager Murata Israel Office:

Nelly’s strong point is she always propose several ideas based on “each company’s culture and mind”. Without Nelly’s support, from the very first step to open our office in Israel, we couldn’t be the company in Israel as we are today.
My deep appreciation to Nelly.

Ofer Bengal, Co-Founder & CEO, Redis Labs:

I work with Nehama in various capacities for the last 30 years. She is a smart thinker who quickly gets to the bottom of things and a great executioner who makes them happen. She understands modern businesses’ challenges “in and out”, and her wisdom and experience are valuable to any company interested in doing business in Israel.

Paul T. Byrne, Regional Director – ME, Africa region, Israel Project Leader, YKK Europe Ltd.:

In late 2016 when we (YKK Europe Ltd.) took the decision to invest in Israel and establish a small manufacturing operation to exclusively supply our fastening products to Egyptian apparel manufacturers exporting products to the USA under the QIZ Program, the biggest challenge we faced was how best to coordinate the project.  Hitherto, the company had no direct presence in Israel.

The appointment of Nehama Sneh of Sneh Consulting as our Business and Legal Consultant was an inspired decision and proved to be the most significant step towards the establishment of YKK’s manufacturing operation at Caesarea Industrial Park North.  In doing so a milestone was reached: the 1st manufacturing capital investment by a Japanese company and YKK’s 72nd country to invest in.

Nehama’s vast experience as a lawyer and business consultant had a transformative impact on the smooth running of our company’s extensive pre-production preparation process.  This included, inter alia, identifying a suitable facility in a preferred location within c.50 km of Tel Aviv, supporting the selection of a suitable construction company and consulting surveyor, actively project managing the entire renovation process (converting the building from a low quality warehouse into a high specification, modern manufacturing facility to meet with YKK’s stringent requirements).  Nehama also coordinated and executed the recruitment of our local management and production employee teams, liaised with the building owners, Caesarea Park Management company, local municipality and related Israeli Government Ministries.

Nehama Sneh is an outstanding professional, highly focused, determined, diligent, committed and very passionate.  Without Nehama’s involvement in our “Israeli Project”, it would not have been possible to realize our company’s objectives in such a short time frame.  In our experience, Nehama always delivered.

On reflection, it was our great fortune to have been referred to Nehama – whose 30 years of experience advising international and Israeli companies (including 20 years advising and consulting with Japanese companies in Israel) proved to be invaluable.

It goes without saying that any international or Israeli company that engages Nehama Sneh’s services will experience the full value and range of her capabilities, extensive knowledge, experience – in addition to her wise counsel and shrewd judgement.

Naoki Mori, CMC Manager, NeuroDerm ltd.:

It was not easy to relocate to Israel and followed by settle into new life here as I came here with my family. Her support is full of hospitality, always thinking about things from my family’s point of view to get rid of our anxious about the relocation. It was definitely not like just providing required service according to customer requests. My deepest thanks to Nelly for your continuous support.


Former Commercial Attaché of Japan in Israel Rie Matsumoto:

Ms. Nehama Sneh has provided comprehensive and detailed business supports for her clients. I highly appreciate her contribution to Japanese businesses.